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We're all about making. Here are some projects we're working on.

Project NameStatusDescriptionProject Lead(s)
Garage Door Gear Needs more strength 3D printed Gear for sears garage door, part 81c14 Ellis Farmer
High Visibility Walking Cane Trying to solve the high probability that a blind person will be hit by a car Jim Green
Programmable Digital Photo Album Display Tom Rumpf
Etching Printed Circuit Boards 90% Complete Jeff Minton and Tom
MakeLV Learn to Solder kit Our own learn to solder kit for events Alex
Neighborhood Non-Internet WiFi Network Ideas/Possible Hardware A neighbors-only wireless network intended to make housing developments (or anywhere) into communities instead of "plots of land which have houses on them" Zubaz
Arduino Class Arduino class for Davici Science Center and then elsewhere Will Christensen
Transfuser Started Transfer toner from a printed page onto a copper PCB blank for etching uniformly Jared Steckel
OpenStack Started The OpenStack project is to build an OpenStack implementation at the hackerspace for the general edification of our membership. Josiah Ritchie
LED_Signage Need Hardware This project is a rebuild of an LED sign that had some problems. Josiah Ritchie
A Microchip PIC programmer, using open source software under Ubuntu. Tom Rumpf
A CNC printed circuit board plotter to be kept in the space for all to use. Tom Rumpf
SmallPartsStorage Complete Using 1/2 gallon milk jugs and cardboard to build small parts storage bins Tom Rumpf
The Reprap Project Started Building a Reprap Prusa Mendel i2 3D Printer Jeff Minton
The OrdBot Project Tweaking Personal project to build an OrdBot based 3D Printer Josiah Ritchie
Homemade Sugru Substitute Started Substitute for Sugru made with cheaper materials Matt,Jim Green
PhotoSmart TouchScreen Hacking Researching Use the "TouchSmart" from an HP PhotoSmart printer for other purposes Josiah Ritchie
Sailboat Centerboard Roller Shield Ready to Make v1 Protect fingers, toes and lines from being smashed by the Flying Scot sailboat centerboard rollers Glenn Wesley
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